Wednesday, July 18, 2012

WA and OR Grouse Habitat Maps Available

A joint project between the USFS and RGS publishes newly available maps of potential ruffed grouse and blue grouse habitat on national forests in Oregon and Washington.

Utilizing US Forest Service data, potential ruffed grouse (and blue grouse) habitat has been mapped using GoogleEarth. By clicking the various combinations of data layers, the viewer can see rough maps of National Forests within Oregon and Washington overlaid with colors denoting potential grouse habitat. You can also select various views (Map, Terrain, Satellite, or Hybrid) and also zoom in to see greater detail.

Pages describing NW US habitat, in word and photos, for each species are also provided.
 Blue grouse and ruffed grouse
RGS anticipates that users will be able to print copies of specific areas to investigate this fall for the presence of these two great gamebirds.

This is the first attempt at providing this type of information on such a large area. We would like your comments on this effort. Comments may be directed to the two contacts on the page or via the new RGS Forums > Public Forums > Grouse Maps subforum.

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