Wednesday, November 26, 2014

One more time for MN late-season grouse

By Ron Anlauf

A recent trip to the Grand Rapids area with my buddy Tom Thiry for one of the last of the year grouse hunts was a success with numerous birds flushed. And better yet, some of them made it to the game bag, and there is no finer dining than when grouse is the main entrée.

Things didn’t start out with a bang, though, and it took some extra miles and downright difficult walking to find the numbers we were looking for.

The thickest of the downed trees were along a south facing slope that dropped down into a beaver pond, and that is where we busted the first bird and then the next nine or 10. In a short 300-yard stretch, we flushed at least 10 birds, four of which didn’t make it.

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